Berkshire Geobash

New England's First and Only Continuous MEGA Event for

7 Years of Geocaching Fun!

​2012 - 2018

The Berkshire Geobash is very proud of having been able to give geocachers the opportunity to find up to 70 lab caches through the years!  These caches added to the adventures and experiences so many enjoy while visiting the area - whether for a day, a few days, a week, or more!  All lab caches were available for 10 days, whether they started at the beginning of the Geobash week or the day of the Berkshire Geobash.  

Those cachers who arrived a week prior to the main event were able to enjoy the tour of the Berkshires, finding hidden treasures like great museums to visit, things to do, and places to stay while playing with us.  For those cachers who came for the day of the main event they got a great tour of our venues where all the great games, raffles, workshops, food, and comradery with geocachers from around the world.

Thanks for sharing the great memories with us!!!

Here's a quick review of the awesome adventures that were had by so many!!!

2014 - "Cache - Play - Dine - Camp In the Berkshires"

2015 - "Museum Tour of Berkshire County, MA, USA"

2016 - "Highlights of the Berkshires!"

2017 (set 1) - "Berkshire Mountains Geo-Faeire Adventure"

2017 (set 2) - "Adventures on Bousquet Mountain"

2018 (set 1) - "The Last Hurrah!"

2018 (set 2) - "A Drive Down Memory Lane!"