Berkshire Geobash

New England's First and Only Continuous MEGA Event


Are you ready to get FTF's while you vacation in the Berkshires?  For those cachers who like to come into town early, you will have many opportunities to collect FTF's, if you so choose!!  Some cachers have been known to stay up all night and day, for 3 days, just to be ready in a minutes notice of new caches published randomly around the County!

Of course this couldn't be done without the dedication of our cache placement committee and MadMin, our state reviewer!!  Many thanks to all who help with this endeavor!

The rules are simple - from Wednesday to Friday the week before Berkshire GeoBash, set your phone and/or computer to notify you of new caches published within a 50 mile radius of your accommodations in the Berkshires.  Be ready to leave any event, campfire, friends and family without notice when you get the notification.  Don't expect to see much of anyone as you try to fly to GZ and claim the FTF's.  

New this year, we will have a scoring system for the FTF Frenzy!!  There will be prizes awarded for first, second and third place winners! 

“First to Find Frenzy” Tournament Rules
***FTF Frenzy new caches will be published at random times, night & day:
Wednesday, July 19, 2017
Thursday, July 20, 2017
Friday, July 21, 2017

To participate in the contest:
* sign the log in the cache container
            * log your find on the cache listing (note if you were FTF)
* only logs that are officially logged on the geocaching website by 10 a.m.   Saturday, July 22, will be counted.

            * only FTF (First to Find) will receive points
            * Co-FTF’s will receive the same points
            * the difficulty and terrain will be added together for the point value of
            that cache (ie:  D2 T2 = 4; D5 T1 = 6; D3 T2 = 5)


If other caches are published on these 3 dates (July 19, 20, and 21) they are NOT included in the contest.


1st Place          2nd Place          3rd place
Winners will be awarded their prizes at 2 pm at the
Berkshire Geobash, July 22, 2017

Faery Trail

We will have a series of caches up the mountain and EVERY container is handmade by one of our committee members, each a unique faery house/door. These will be available ALL day! (And about a week after)

Carnival Games!

Come out and join us from 10am-2pm for a series of 5 games including Ammo Can toss! 


Pick up your bingo card at the Information Booth and begin your search to find fellow cachers and Berkshire GeoBash attendees to help you black out your entire card!  One random winner will be drawn from all entries!


Under the Pavilion- We provide the candy bars!

Human Cache me if you Can

In the Pavilion.