Berkshire Geobash

New England's First and Only Continuous MEGA Event for

7 Years of Geocaching Fun!

​2012 - 2018


(New and Improved!)

Are you ready to get FTF's while you vacation in the Berkshires?  For those cachers who like to come into town early, you will have many opportunities to collect FTF's, if you so choose!!  Some cachers have been known to stay up all night and day, for 3 days, just to be ready in a minute's notice of new caches published randomly around the County!

Over 100 geocaches of all difficulties and terrains have been placed for this challenge!!!  At least 50 of these caches are P&G's!!!  Of course this couldn't be done without the dedication of our cache placement committee (fkrol, bdubs213, and gworol), MadMin and The Seanachai, our state reviewers!!  Many thanks to all who help with this endeavor!

The rules are simple - from Wednesday, July 18, to Friday, July 20, the week before Berkshire GeoBash, set your phone and/or computer to notify you of new caches published within a 50 mile radius of your accommodations in the Berkshires.  Be ready to leave any event, campfire, friends and family without notice when you get the notification.  Don't expect to see much of anyone as you try to fly to GZ and claim the FTF's.  

This year there are prizes (no scoring system) in every FTF Frenzy cache. Please know that there may be some caches published during the week by other cachers, too.  THESE CACHES ARE NOT PART OF THE FTF FRENZY - ONLY CACHES PUBLISHED BY THE "FTF FRENZY" THAT HAVE THE OFFICIAL BLUE RIBBON PICTURE ON THE PAGE WILL HAVE PRIZES.

“First to Find Frenzy” Tournament Rules
***FTF Frenzy new caches will be published at random times, night & day:
Wednesday, July 18, 2018
Thursday, July 19, 2018
Friday, July 20, 2018

To participate in the contest:
* sign the log in the cache container
            * log your find on the cache listing (note if you were FTF)
* prize certificates will be in each cache container - these certificates can be turned into MsGwozdz (Wednesday - Saturday) to collect your prize(s).  Certificates for $5 off at the BGB Store can only be redeemed at the store on Saturday, July 21.

The Cache-n-Dash is back!!!!!

New venue means no mountain to climb! But have no fear it will be a task to complete and there might be a​ few ways to tackle this task.

This year there are 10 new caches to be found in the nearby Wildlife Management Area.  The total distance, if all 10 caches are found and the course is completed will be 4 miles (RT).

​Contestants need to register  between 9 am - 9:25 am.

At 9:30 am registered contestants will be given the coordinates to enter into their GPSr's.  (Please note that although the caches are numbered 1-10, they are not necessarily placed in that order, so it's important to load all caches BEFORE running to find them.)  Each cache has a unique punch to mark that cache on the punch card.

All contestants must locate, punch their card, and be back to the registration by 10:30 am to turn in their success.  

The top 4 cachers who find and punch their card with the most caches in the shortest time will win a trackable plaque.  Prizes will be awarded at 10:45 am.

The coordinates will be made available to attendees who do not participate in this contest after 10:30 am.  The caches will go live after 11:30 am.

Carnival Games!

Come out and join us from 10am-2pm for a series of 5 yard games! 

Anyone who wins at the games will have a ticket (you must write your name on it) entered into a drawing for an Ammo Can.  One winner from each game will get an Ammo Can (you must be present to win).


Pick up your bingo card at the Information Booth and begin your search to find fellow cachers and Berkshire GeoBash attendees to help you black out your entire card!  One random winner will be drawn from all entries!


We provide the candy bars!

Join in the fun of learning geocaching acronyms and possibly winning a candy bar for your time!

Human Cache Me If You Can

Once again Dan from DPH Games will add to the fun of the day by leading a "Human Size Cache Me If You Can" game near the vendors pavilion.  You won't want to miss out on this fun way of playing a thrilling board game all about geocaching adventures!