Berkshire Geobash

New England's First and Only Continuous MEGA Event

The Berkshire Geobash #5 was a great milestone for the committee!!!  Who would have thought we'd be celebrating 5 years!!!  There were  22 satellite events over 10 days so cachers from around the world could experience all the different activities the Berkshires has to offer!!! 

Now that year 6 is in the books, the Berkshire Geobash planning committee is going full steam ahead for the FINAL BGB! The excitement is building as the subcommittees form and ideas begin to develop for another great event!  The Berkshire Geobash #7 will be held at the 4H FAIRGROUNDS in Pittsfield on Saturday, July 21, 2018.  As has become a trademark of the Berkshire Geobash, for those cachers who plan to come to the Berkshires early there will be plenty of events and activities leading up to the Grand Finale, beginning on Saturday, July 14, 2018!

Berkshire Geobash #4 was held at Bousquet Mountain and was a HUGE success despite the rainy weather! We even attracted the media!  Check us out in this First to Find article!

     Year three came upon us so quickly!  A dynamite planning team, great ideas and energy went into planning to host our biggest and best Berkshire Geobash yet!  Including the MEGA event on Saturday, July 19, 2014, over the course of 9 days the Berkshire Geobash committee and friends of the committee hosted and enjoyed a total of 21 events and activities!  Events were held in MA, NY, and this year we expanded into VT!  Official count this year - 1,083 attendees from all over the world!

     Our second year was full of excitement as we knew we had to create an event that was just as outstanding as the first was.  Geocachers all over the world were talking about the Berkshire Geobash and we had to live up to their expectations.  The week, although it didn't get any longer, got a lot busier with 16 satellite events and a MEGA! 

     The original planners came from all walks of life and shared many of their personal dreams, ideas, and talents that they have developed over the course of their life experiences.  Each volunteered hundreds of hours over 9 months of planning to ensure that the Berkshire Geobash would be an awesome experience that would bring cachers from all over the world to enjoy time together and create wonderful memories while enjoying the Berkshires.


     The Berkshire Geobash was a dream of 20+ MA and NY geocachers who wanted to bring geocachers from all over the world together to enjoy the beauty of the area and great caching in the Berkshire Hills.  Many months of planning and excitement and on Saturday, July 7, 2012 over 600 geocachers from all over the world came to Bousquet Mountain in Pittsfield, MA to make our event the FIRST MEGA EVENT OF NEW ENGLAND!  Our dream came true!

     Geocachers from all over New England and many other continental US states and Hawaii, as well as Canada, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Zimbabwe, New Zealand, Ireland, Norway, Slovenia have visited the Berkshires to continue the new tradition of the Berkshire Geobash!  Berkshire Geobash #2 (2013) had almost 900 attendees, and Berkshire Geobash #3 (2014) had 1,083 attendees join in the fun!  The planning has already started for Berkshire Geobash #6, which will be held on Saturday, July 22, 2017 at Bousquet Mountain in Pittsfield, MA.

     For those cachers who choose to come to the Berkshires for a few extra days to try to find all of the great caches in the area we plan a week full of fun events to bring you to the best caching areas we know!!!  Whether you join us for the day, a few days, or the full week, you are sure to be entertained and wanting to come back for more!!!